Born in Stockport England, and now based just South of Manchester in the Peak District Nation Park, I have been a non commercial semi professional photographer for over 33 years, being self-taught  I have developed my own unique style, preferring locations to studio work. Areas in which I specialises in are Male portraiture and landscapes, I hope that my images standout above the rest showing some use in creative imagination.


In the past I have always had a strong interest in art and photography, my experience as a watercolour artist has given me a better understanding in photography and helps me in choosing a better composition , as time has progressed and computers have take over from the darkroom  I have found all the artistic capabilities amazing and just had to learn more, PhotoshopCC being the modern day dark room has opened more doors than ever before, and now  the limits are the limit of your own imagination .


Over the past couple of years HDR photography has become something very much talked about in the photographic world, I have to admit that I have grabbed it with both hands and I get so  much satisfaction from it, please take the time to view the HDR Photography page where I have tried to explain what HDR photography is all about.


As well as enjoying all the challenges of photography, I also get a great deal of pleasure from restoring damaged photographs and also doing image manipulation , please take the time to view some of the examples on the  'Galleries' page.


If you would like further information about any of my work, please use the 'Contact Me'  link .


Thank you,  Ian

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If you like my site, please bookmark it.

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